Uganda Bike Safaris

The love for bikes and Uganda has made us to start Uganda Bike Safaris. We want other bikers to see and experience what we have experienced for the past years while living in Uganda. This green nation has it all, beautiful scenery, friendly people and adventurous off-road trails. If it was your dream to ride your bike in Africa, now it's time to make your dream come true. Through motorbike you come closer with nature and the people.

You'll feel the hospitality of Uganda while enjoying your bike ride. You can ride from Elephants to Gorillas, from river Nile to Lake Albert. You don't need to be a professional enduro or trail rider, the safari's are set out for average riders with little experience. The passion for adventure and motorbikes is most important.

We have every month a group planned for two weeks safari.
Also private arrangements are possible....

Uganda is a landlocked country astride the equator, about 800 kilometres inland from the Indian Ocean.

Traffic in Uganda: Traffic in Uganda is different from traffic in the Western World. Especially in Kampala,...